This section covers how to control the pop-ups as Instabug has a variety that can appear in different situations.

When you integrate Instabug in your app, there are some popups that can appear to your users either to help them or to collect some information from them. You have full control on which popups should appear and when.
All the popups that appear will follow the color theme and primary color that you set for the SDK as explained in the design section.

Onboarding Experience

Please refer to the Onboarding Experience page here for the updated introductory tutorial.

Prompt Options

When the user Invokes the SDK with any of the previously discussed gestures. the prompt options popup appears. By default, it shows him all the enabled features. You have control on which options are allowed and which are not by disabling and enabling any of the features. Each one can be enabled or disabled separately.

BugReporting.setPromptOptionsEnabled(PromptOption.CHAT, PromptOption.BUG, PromptOption.FEEDBACK);

When only a single option is enabled, it becomes the default invocation mode. If all options are disabled, bug reporting becomes the default invocation mode.

By default, all three options are enabled if they are available in your current plan.