In-App Surveys

The best and most effective way to collect data about your application and evaluate it is directly asking the ones who are using it. Your actual customers are an asset that you can use to answer a lot of questions and make decisions. We built the surveys specifically to fulfill this need. The good thing is, setting up those surveys from the dashboard, controlling them from the application and accessing their result can be done easily.

You have 2 types of surveys: opt-in surveys & custom conditions surveys:

Opt-in Surveys

You can manually control when an opt-in survey should show up. Each created survey has a unique token that you can refer to in your code as explained in the following section.

To create an opt-in survey, make sure to pick Manually from the Target Audience options.

Once, you publish an opt-in survey, a unique token is generated.

Controlling the Opt-in Surveys

Use the following API to show a survey with a specific token. In case the survey referred to was answered before or canceled by the user it won't show up again.


You can also check if the current user has responded to a specific survey before or not through the following API.

Instabug.hasRespondedToSurveyWithToken("SURVEY_TOKEN", function(hasResponded) {
  alert("Has Responded: "+hasResponded);

Custom Conditions Surveys

When you create a custom condition survey you pick the criteria for the users who should receive the survey. The users matching the conditions will see the survey automatically.

Controlling the Custom Conditions Surveys

By default, a survey will be presented as soon as the criteria set from the dashboard are met. To take control over when surveys are presented, disable automatic showing using the following API method.


Then present surveys manually at an appropriate time.


SDK Events

Optionally, you can pass handler that gets called before a survey is shown, and after it has been dismissed. Use those for things like pausing and resuming a game for example.

Before Showing the Survey

Instabug.setWillShowSurveyHandler(() => {
  //Perform any changes before the survey appears.

After the Survey Has Been Dismissed

Instabug.setDidDismissSurveyHandler(() => {
  //Perform any changes before the survey disappears.

Showing Surveys to Older Versions

When you create and publish a new survey, you will be able to measure the number of times your survey has been shown to your users in the app, and also the number of users who saw the survey and submitted it.

Starting from version 2.11.2 Instabug captures those events (show, submit, dismiss) seamlessly.

In order to help you avoid any confusing numbers on the survey results page, Instabug shows the newly created survey to your users who have the updated version of your app that has SDK version 2.11.2 and above.

What is worth mentioning also is that doesn't apply on the old surveys; Which means if you have created a survey with an older version than 2.11.2, it shall be shown normally to your users.

Showing Surveys to Older Versions

The newly created survey will only be shown to your users who have the updated version of your app that has SDK version 2.11.2 and above.

In-App Surveys