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Prompt Options

This section covers how to control the popup menu that appears when your app users invoke Instabug.

By default, when the Instabug SDK is shown, a popup appears to your app users with options for them to report a bug ("Report a bug"), share feedback ("Suggest an improvement"), or ask you a question ("Ask a question"). This popup is called the Prompt Options.

All Instabug popups follow the color theme and primary color that you set for the SDK.

An example of the Prompt Options menu that appears to app users after Instabug is invoked.

By default, all of your enabled products are listed in the Prompt Options menu. You can control which options appear by disabling and enabling any of the products. Each one can be enabled or disabled separately.

// Disable the Bugs, Feedback, & Questions. If disabled, "Report a problem" "Suggest an improvement" & "Ask a Question" are removed from the Instabug's prompt, and manually showing the bug reporting or feedback doesn't have an effect.

// Specify which of the feedback, bug, or question options appear in the prompt options
BugReporting.setReportTypes([BugReporting.reportType.bug, BugReporting.reportType.feedback, BugReporting.reportType.question]);

// Disable the Replies. If disabled, the chats list button is removed from Instabug's prompt, the in-app notifications are disabled, and manually showing the chats list doesn't have an effect. 

When only a single option is enabled, it becomes the default invocation mode. If all options are disabled, bug reporting becomes the default invocation mode and the Prompt Options menu won't appear to your users. Instead, they will be shown the bug reporting form.

By default, all three options are enabled if they are available in your current plan.

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What's Next

Your Prompt Options are now set and ready for action, so let's teach your users how to access this menu.

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Prompt Options

This section covers how to control the popup menu that appears when your app users invoke Instabug.

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