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Auto Screen Recording [Beta]

This feature is disabled by default; however, you can automatically capture a screen recording of your app up to the last 30 seconds before a report is sent by adding the API below.

Your users will also be prompted once the recording starts at the beginning of the session and will have the ability to remove the video from the attachments when sending the report. The auto-screen recording attachment counts towards the limit of 4 attachments in total.

Enabling/Disabling Auto Screen Recording:

BugReporting.autoScreenRecordingEnabled = true
IBGBugReporting.autoScreenRecordingEnabled = YES;

Setting Screen Record Duration:
By default, this is set to 30 seconds, which is also the maximum duration; however, a limit can be set for the total duration of the auto-screen recording.

BugReporting.autoScreenRecordingDuration = 30
IBGBugReporting.autoScreenRecordingDuration = 30;