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Check if Responded

You can pass a survey token to this API to check if a particular user has responded to the survey before showing it. This method takes a string token as an argument and returns a boolean.

let hasResponded = Surveys.hasRespondedToSurvey(withToken: "TOKEN")
BOOL hasResponded = [IBGSurveys hasRespondedToSurveyWithToken:@"TOKEN"];
Surveys.hasRespondedToSurvey("SURVEY_TOKEN", function(hasResponded) {
  alert("Has Responded: "+hasResponded);
final hasResponded = Surveys.hasRespondedToSurvey("SURVEY_TOKEN");
  function (hasResponded) {
        console.log('Has Responded: ' + hasResponded);
  function (error) {
        console.log('Could not get the value - ' + error);
bool hasResponded = IBGSurveys.HasRespondedToSurveyWithToken("TOKEN");

bool hasResponded = Surveys.HasRespondToSurvey("TOKEN");