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Identify User

This API is primarily used to identify your user, sort of like a log in kind of method. The API takes two strings, the user's email being the first, and the user's name for the second.

Instabug.identifyUser(withEmail: "[email protected]", name: "John Appleseed")
[Instabug identifyUserWithEmail:@"[email protected]" name:@"John Appleseed"];
Instabug.identifyUser("user name", "email");
Instabug.identifyUser("user name", "email")
Instabug.identifyUserWithEmail("[email protected]", "John Appleseed");
Instabug.identifyUserWithEmail(String email, [String name]);
    '[email protected]',
Instabug.IdentifyUserWithEmail("user_email", "user_name");

Instabug.IdentifyUser("user_name", "user_email");