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Instabug Debug Logs

Instabug provides useful console logs to have visibility over significant events that might be of interest.

Instabug.sdkDebugLogsLevel = .verbose
Instabug.sdkDebugLogsLevel = IBGSDKDebugLogsLevelVerbose;

The available levels are:

  • None: this will disable all APM SDK console logs.
  • Error: prints errors only, we use this level to let you know if something goes wrong.
  • Warning: displays warnings that will not necessarily lead to errors but should be addressed nonetheless.
  • Info: this is the default level and it logs information that we think is useful without being too verbose.
  • Debug: use this in case you are debugging an issue. Not recommended for production use.
  • Verbose: use this only if Debug was not enough and you need more visibility on what is going on under the hood. Similar to the Debug level, this is not meant to be used on production environments.