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Surveys & Announcements for React Native

This page contains an overview of the content available in the Survey and Announcements sections of the Instabug Docs for React Native apps.


Integrating Instabug

To be able to use Instabug's In-App Surveys product, you must first integrate the SDK.

The best and most effective way to collect data about your application and evaluate it is by directly asking the people who are using it. Feedback from your actual users will help answer a lot of questions and guide you to make decisions. Then, once you make the decisions, you'll want to deliver the updates for your users to get the most out of the application. We built the Surveys & Announcements specifically to fulfill this need. The good thing is, setting up these surveys and announcements from your dashboard, controlling them in your app, and accessing their results can be done easily.

Below is the breakdown of Instabug's Surveys & Announcements:

1. Creating Surveys & Announcements
Learn how to create a new survey or announcement as well as what the different types of templates are from this section.

2. Targeting Surveys & Announcements
Different users need different surveys. Learn how to show specific surveys to specific users at just the right time in this section.

3. Customizing Survey Behavior
Customize the criteria that dictates when your survey should re-appear for users, check out how to show a welcome screen prior to a user seeing the survey, and learn why certain users will be unable to see new surveys.

4. Reply to Survey Responders
In this section, you can find instructions for how to reply to any survey response in order to communicate with the responder.

5. Event Handlers
If you wish to have any blocks of code run when a survey is dismissed, this section details just how you can do that.

6. Disabling/Enabling In-App Surveys
Surveys might not be your thing and that's okay. This section stops surveys from appearing in your application.

Watch it in action: