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This page covers the different tools you can integrate with to forward issues to.

This page covers all third-party integrations that you can integrate with using our dashboard. Instabug supports many different tools. To get started with any of them, just click on one of the relevant links below:

  1. Jira Cloud
  2. Jira Server
  3. Slack
  4. Microsoft Teams
  5. Trello
  6. Zendesk
  7. GitHub
  8. ClickUp
  9. Instana
  10. PagerDuty
  11. ServiceNow
  12. Opsgenie
  13. Pivotal Tracker
  14. Asana
  15. Webhook
  16. FreshDesk
  17. Zapier
  18. Front
  19. Manuscript
  20. Shortcut
  21. Phabricator
  22. Basecamp v2
  23. Basecamp v3
  24. GitLab
  25. Teamwork Projects
  26. Datadog
  27. Azure DevOps

Whitelist IPs

If you're unable to forward reports to any third party tool, this may be due to your security settings. In these cases you'll likely need to whitelist a range of IPs. You can use the below range: to

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