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Xamarin Overview

This page covers the main features available for Xamarin apps.

Instabug SDK aims to save developers time. We believe that you should spend your time creating awesome features and improving your application instead of chasing information from your testers and users. We believe that spending hours and hours debugging to locate the source of a problem is a waste of time.

This can be done through our main products for Xamarin apps :

  1. Bug Reporting
  2. In-App Replies
  3. In-App Surveys
  4. Feature Requests
Bug Reporting-
Crash ReportingX-
In-App Chat-
In-App Surveys-
User Events-
User Steps-
Identify User-
User Attributes-
Networks LogsXNetworks Logs are currently supported on Android only.
View Hierarchy-
Tagging Reports-
Feature Requests-
Screen LoadingX-

What’s Next

Check out how to integrate Instabug SDK in your Xamarin application.