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App Performance Monitoring for iOS

This page contains an overview of the information available in the App Performance Monitoring sections of the Instabug Docs for iOS apps.

Try out Instabug APM

If you are already using Instabug, but Instabug App Performance Monitoring isn't included in your current plan, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We would love to enable a custom trial for you and help you set it up.


Min Required SDK Version

APM is supported starting iOS SDK version 10.0.0.

Supported Metrics

APM Footprint

We're taking several measures to make sure Instabug APM is resource-friendly. To minimize its impact on the device's battery and data consumption:

  • The SDK collects your performance data and sends it in batches, at most, once every 6 hours.
  • The SDK doesn't perform any network operations while the app is in the background.
  • This means, data collected by APM is sent to the server at the beginning of a session if the last server communication took place more than 6 hours ago.

The default 6-hour interval can be bypassed by enabling Debug Mode which you can use to visualize your data with almost no delay; this can be very useful in case you're still evaluating our SDK as well as help debug issues with your integration.


Data Retention

The APM data retention period changes from plan to plan and can be checked here. This is customizable on the Enterprise plan.

Why APM?

In the field, your app goes through a wide range of different user scenarios, cellular networks, signal conditions, device types, as well as locations. This is when unexpected performance issues happen.

Instabug App Performance Monitoring(APM) is built to provide you with insights about how your app is performing on your end-users' devices and hence shaping their experience.