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SDK 8.6 Migration Guide for Xamarin

With the release of version 8.6, bugs and chats have been merged into a single page. In the bugs page, you'll be able to find bugs and chats, each highlighted with their own report type, with the available ones Report a Bug, Suggest an Improvement, and Ask a Question. All these different reports can be accessed from a single page rather than have to switch back and forth between two separate pages.

This change is also reflected in the SDK, with the Ask a Question button no longer starting a new chat, but instead showing a form similar to the bug/feedback form. You can then reach out to the user by replying to the incoming report from the dashboard to initiate a chat. This means that the Chats class is deprecated.


Merge for existing chats and chats coming from old SDKs

Any existing chat that was available in the chats page can now be seen in the bugs page instead. Chats coming from users using an older version of the SDK will automatically be shown as a "Ask a Question" report on your dashboard as well. You can filter for these chats by filtering for reports of type "Ask a Question".



Previous Usage


New Usage

IBGBugReporting.ShowWithReportType(IBGBugReportingReportType.Question, IBGBugReportingOption.EmailFieldHidden);


Previous Usage

IBGChats.Enabled = false;

New Usage

// Compose a new bug report
[IBGBugReporting showWithReportType:IBGBugReportingReportTypeBug options:0];
// Compose new feedback
[IBGBugReporting showWithReportType:IBGBugReportingReportTypeFeedback options:0];
// Compose new chat
[IBGChats show];
// Show chat history only if the user already has a chat history. Calling this API won't have an effect otherwise.
[IBGReplies show];