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The Grafana-Instabug integration allows you to visualize your app's health metrics directly within Grafana. By setting up the Infinity Plugin, you can authenticate with Instabug and import pre-built dashboards for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.


You need to contact the support team ([email protected]) to provide you with the following.

  • Your authorization token.
  • Your Grafana dashboard JSON file for your company.

Infinity Plugin Setup

  1. Navigate to Data Sources

    Go to Connections in Grafana and add a new data source.

  2. Add Infinity Data Source

    Search for Infinity and click to add it.

  3. Authentication Setup

Click on Setup Authentication

  1. Under Auth type, select API Key Value Pair.

  2. Key: enter Authorization

  3. Value: enter your token (provided by the Instabug Support Team).

  4. Allowed Hosts: enter https://dashboard-api.instabug.com and click Add.

  1. Private Data Source Connect
    Please leave this field empty.

  2. Save and Test

    1. Click on Save & Test.

    2. You should see a success message confirming your authentication setup.

Import Instabug Dashboard

  1. Under Dashboards, select new β†’ Import.

  2. Click on Upload dashboard JSON file, and select the file provided by the Instabug Support Team.

  3. Make sure you have the following fields selected.

    1. The infinity data source was selected.

    2. dashboard_link: "https://dashboard.instabug.com"

    3. be_host: β€œhttps://dashboard-api.instabug.com"

  4. Click Import.

  5. Congratulations! You can now access your Instabug app health dashboard on Grafana!

Instabug Grafana Dashboard Walkthrough

  1. You can filter by the following.

    1. App.
    2. Environment.
    3. Platform (for cross-platform applications).
    4. Date.
  2. Gain a comprehensive overview of your app's stability and performance through our high-level metrics. If you want to delve deeper into a specific metric, simply click on the redirection icon, which will direct you to the Instabug dashboard with the same applied filters for further analysis.