In-App Feature Requests

This page covers the APIs specific to in-app feature requests for React-Native apps.

Allowing users to suggest new features can be very beneficial for the growth of your application. You can use the feature requests detailed here to allow users to do the following, all from inside your application:

  • Request new features
  • Vote on other users' requested features
  • See what the top requested features are
  • Comment on requested features in a discussion board style
  • See the status of a requested feature

From your dashboard, you can then moderate these requests, change their status, as well as interact with your users to get more details about the features while keeping them up to date with the new up-and-coming features.

Invoking the Feature Requests

The following method can be used to display the Feature Requests page to your users.;

Once you display the page, the users can create new feature requests, add comments, up-vote other feature requests.

Creating a New Feature Request

Users can use the add button to the top right to request a new feature.

Your team can also add a feature directly from the dashboard so users can vote on it.

Once the feature is created, users can click on it to see more details, add comments, or up-vote the idea.

Commenting on Feature Requests

Your team as well as users can comment on any feature request. From your application, this can be done by press on the "Add your thoughts" textbox found at the bottom.

The same can be done from your dashboard as well by choosing the idea then using the "Add Comment" button to the right.

Managing the Feature Requests

Changing the Status of a Feature Request

You can change the status of a feature request in order to update your users of the progress of the request and whether or not your team is considering it. In order to update the status, you can can click on the "Update Status" drop down menu to the right and change it to one of the possible statuses.

Enabling and Disabling Email Requirement

By default, the name and email of the user is required for adding a new feature request. You can enable and disable the email requirement for adding a new request. You can use the following API to set email requirement for both new features and new comments.

//The first field determines whether the email field is required or not
//The second field is for whether this is for adding comments, for requesting new features, or both
FeatureRequests.setEmailFieldRequired(true, [Instabug.actionTypes.requestNewFeature, Instabug.actionTypes.addCommentToFeature]);