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SDK Customizations for Xamarin

This page covers how to make your users experience as easy and aesthetic as possible by customizing the invocation methods, the design, popups, locale, and the on-boarding experience for Xamarin apps.

After integrating Instabug SDK into your application, you will be collecting info and actions from your users as we grab it from the background without needing to interact with users. We do so for the crash reporting, the user steps, network logs, view hierarchy and some data about the device as well as about the user.

However, some other data are collected after some actions are done by the users. They will be interacting with the SDK as in the bug reporting, in-app surveys, and in-app feature requests. To make their experience as easy and aesthetic as possible, you can customize the colors of the all the visuals coming from Instabug, change the language, modify the messages and text that appear, change the invocation event as well as control which popup should appear and when.

This section is divided as follows:
1. Welcome Message
This section discusses how you can onboard your users and teach them how to reach you using Instabug with a mode for either beta testers or live users.

2. Prompt Options
Instabug has a variety of pop-ups that may appear in different situations. In this section, we discuss how to control which ones should appear when.

3. SDK Design
This section discusses how to customize the SDK look to match your app's design.

4. SDK Locale
This section discusses how to change the language of the SDK as well as the content of all the messages that your users will see.