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Customizing Survey Behavior

This page covers all the in-app survey behavior that you can customize as well as related APIs.

Showing a Welcome Screen

You can show your users a welcome screen before a survey rather than asking the first question immediately. By default, this is disabled. To enable the survey welcome screen, use the following method.

Surveys.shouldShowWelcomeScreen = true
IBGSurveys.shouldShowWelcomeScreen = YES;

Integrating with Slack

If you have an already existing Slack integration, or are going to create one, you can enable auto-forwarding of Survey responses. If enabled, all NPS Survey score responses as well as Custom Survey responses will be forwarded to your Slack integration on the channel of your choosing.

Forwarded NPS responses will display user email, responses, and score, while Custom Survey responses will display the user email and every question and it's response. You'll also have the option to reply to the user which will redirect you to the chat window to reply to that user.

Setting App Store URL

While the SDK will normally automatically link to your application on the app store when needed, if you're application is limited to certain regions, the automatic linking might not work. In these cases, we suggest using the below method to manually set the URL of your application in the store.

Surveys.appStoreURL = "URL"
IBGSurveys.appStoreURL = "URL"

Surveys in Older Instabug SDK Versions

As of the release that occurred on the 25th of March, 2019, any new survey created will only be shown to applications running SDK version 8.2.

During the release, we reworked the logic of our surveys while introducing a whole host of new features that you can read up on here.


In-App Surveys Are Disabled in Older Versions of the Instabug SDK

Surveys will only be shown to your users who have the updated version of your app that has SDK Version 8.2 and above.

Updated 8 months ago

What's Next

Everything is customized and the survey is sure to be a hit. Since you're expecting responses, did you know you can use Instabug to follow up with your users who respond?

Reply to Survey Responders

Customizing Survey Behavior

This page covers all the in-app survey behavior that you can customize as well as related APIs.

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