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Setting up the Integration

  1. To set up your Webhook integration, simply add the link to which Instabug should forward your reports. You can also choose which details get forwarded as well.
  1. At this point, we just need to test your integration so that we're sure everything is working smoothly.
  1. All done! Your integration is now set-up and ready to go. From this final page, you can allow automatic forwarding (don't worry though, this can be reconfigured at any time!)

Below, you can find more details about the JSON payload that you will receive.

Crashes' JSON model:

    "Exception": "String",
    "Number": "Number",
    "URL": "String",
    "Status": "String",
    "Email": "",
    "Reported At": "String",
    "Location": "String",
    "Device": "String",
    "Memory": "String",
    "Storage": "String",
    "Connectivity": "string",
    "Battery": "string",
    "App Version": "string",
    "Duration": "number",
    "User Data": "String",
    "Console Log": "Text",
    "Instabug Log": "Text",
    "User Steps": "Text",
    "User Attributes": {},
    "Current View": "String",
    "Locale": "en_US",
    "Orientation": "landscape",
    "Screen Size": "String",
    "Density": "string",
    "Image Attachments": []

Bugs' JSON model:

   "Reported At":"Date",
   "App Version":"String",
   "User Attributes":{ 

   "Current View":"String",
   "Image Attachments":[