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In-App Replies

This page contains an overview of the content available in the In-App Replies sections of the Instabug Docs for Cordova apps.


Integrating Instabug

To be able to use Instabug's In-App Replies product, you must first integrate the SDK.

Your users can send in questions, feedback, bugs, and more; you can reply to them! This section covers the replies and how to configure your users ability to reply to your messages. The breakdown is as follows:

1. Show Replies List
If you need to manually show the replies page, you can do that via the API detailed in this section.

2. Reply to Users
This section explains how to navigate the dashboard so that you can reply to submitted reports (bugs, feedback, or questions), crashes, and surveys. Also detailed is an explanation of the chat workflow.

3. Managing Notifications
Learn how to set up and disable in-app notifications, as well as customize these notifications for your own purposes.

4. Disabling/Enabling In-App Replies
Thinking of completely hiding the replies page? This section covers how to do that.