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Forward your bug reports to your ClickUp workspace by following these simple steps.

  1. Allow Instabug to send notifications to your ClickUp workspace.
  1. You will be redirected to ClickUp to choose the workspace you want to connect.
  1. You will have to set up your integration by choosing the ClickUp workspace you are already connected to in the previous step. At this step, you have to choose a space, a list, and an assignee for the integration. You can also choose the information forwarded to ClickUp.
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  1. At this point, we just need to test your integration so that we're sure everything is working smoothly.
  1. All done! Your integration is now set up and ready to go. From this final page, you can allow automatic forwarding (don't worry though, this can be reconfigured at any time!)
  1. Reports sent to Clickup should look something like this.
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