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Report Logs for Cordova

This section covers how Instabug automatically attaches console logs, verbose logs, and all steps made by your users before a bug report is sent for Cordova apps.


Privacy Policy

It is highly recommended to mention in your privacy policy that you may be collecting logging data in order to assist with troubleshooting bugs.

A variety of log types are sent with each bug report. They appear within each report in your Instabug dashboard, as shown below. Log collection stops when Instabug is shown.

We support the following types of logs:


An example of the expanded logs view from your dashboard.

Instabug Logs

You can log messages throughout your application's lifecycle to be sent with each report.

Instabug.addLog('log message');

Console Logs

Instabug automatically captures console logs and displays them on your dashboard with each report. We currently capture the console logs coming from native code only.

User Events


Best Practices

Currently the limit of the number of user events sent with each report is 1,000. If you're planning on logging a large amount of unique data, the best practice here would be to use Instabug Logging instead. The reason for this is that having a very large amount of user events will negatively impact the performance of the dashboard.

Having a large amount of user events will not affect dashboard performance if the user events are not unique.

You can log custom user events throughout your application and they will automatically be included with each report. Note that the maximum number of user events sent with each report is 1,000.


What’s Next

Logs go hand-in-hand with both bug reporting, so why not give that a look? The Session Profiler could also help give you more details to help you investigate issues.