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Integrating Instabug with Slack is really simple. With a few clicks, you can be notified on Slack whenever you receive a new bug, feedback, crash or user reply.

  1. Click on Authorize Slack to allow the integration between both Slack and Instabug. You will be redirected to Slack's authentication page.

  1. Enter your Slack credentials, then choose where to post to. When you're all done with the permissions, hit Authorize.

  1. At this point, we just need to test your integration so that we're sure everything is working smoothly.

  1. All done! Your integration is now set-up and ready to go. From this final page, you can allow automatic forwarding (don't worry though, this can be reconfigured at any time!)

5a. Issues forwarded to Slack should then look something like this:

5b. Survey responses forwarded to Slack will look similar to this:

For the chats, once you forward a thread, all the upcoming replies either from the user or from your team will be forwarded automatically. Custom surveys, as well as NPS surveys, can be forwarded with the responses to each question, and will have a Reply to User button to take you directly to the chat window.