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Disabling/Enabling Bug Reporting

This section covers how to disable and enable bug reporting.

When your users invoke the SDK, a popup appears with default Prompt Options for them to "Report a problem" (submit a bug, "Suggest an improvement" (send you feedback), or "Talk to us" (send you a chat).

These options can be disabled or enabled separately. When only a single option is enabled, it becomes the default invocation mode and the Prompt Options menu doesn't appear.

If you would like to disable the invocation altogether, you can find details on how to do so here.

            [cordova.plugins.bugReporting.invocationModes.chat, cordova.plugins.bugReporting.invocationModes.feedback],
            function () {
                console.log('Prompt options set successfully');
            function (error) {
                console.log('Prompt options set unsuccessful  ' + error);

By default, all three options are enabled if they are available in your current plan.