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Enterprise Plan

Find out more about our Enterprise Plan and the features offered here.

In addition to unlocking all of the Instabug features available on other plans, Enterprise plans are custom-tailored to your workflow needs.

Enterprise Features

Improved Data Retention

Any data you receive on your dashboard (such as bug reports, crash reports, APM events, chats, etc.) can be retained for a period that matches your needs and is not deleted unless you request the data to be removed.

Bigger Sessions Support

Your applications will not be restricted to the monthly sessions available on other plans and you will be able to customize the session limit to your needs. You can find out more about how we calculate sessions here.

SDK Customizations

Need specific customizations or features in the SDK? We'll customize the SDK design and functionality to fit with your users, style guide, and team.

Account Management

A dedicated Instabug team member will be responsible for conducting regular health checks, advising you on industry best practices, and helping you achieve your goals.

Dedicated Hosting

We'll manage a private cloud for you so you can have a single-tenant environment.

Custom Integrations

We can build you new integrations or customize existing third-party integrations with any of our tools.

White Labeling

Use the Instabug SDK fully logo-free and without the "Powered by Instabug" message.

Enterprise Plan Pricing

Our Enterprise plan is completely customized depending on your needs of features stated on our pricing page, with an annual commitment deal for the Standard plan.

Session Calculation


Definition Change

The below definition of sessions is implemented for any new plan created starting the 27th of June, 2022.

A session represents a single period of user interaction with your app. Sessions serve as useful containers of measured activity, which includes screen views, events, etc.

A session is the period of time a user has your app in the foreground. It begins when the app is brought into the foreground and a session will end when the app goes into the background. At the end of each session, we sync the session details with your dashboard so that the users, user attributes, and events are up to date. Consecutive sessions within 30 minutes are still counted as the same session. Previously, consecutive sessions were counted as different sessions.