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Rollout Management for iOS

This page covers the process of rolling out newer versions of your application after integrating with the App Store.

This feature allows you to monitor release rollout progress & manage it during the staged rollout phase. Integrating your application with the App Store is a prerequisite to rollout management with its guide here.


With the App Store integrated with the dashboard, you can view the In-Progress/Paused releases highlighted with progress percentage on your Releases page.

Rollout Progress

On the Releases details page, you'll be able to view the progress of the rollout in addition to the rollout start date. This phased release allows you to release the app version over seven days to users who have enabled automatic updates.

iOS - Rollout In Progress

iOS - Rollout Progress

Pause Rollout

You'll be able to pause/halt the rollout process at any point in time.

iOS - Paused Rollout

iOS - Paused rollout

Complete Rollout

Once the rollout is complete, you'll be able to find the number of days it took to complete the process and the number of days paused.

iOS - Rollout Complete

iOS - Rollout Complete

Roles and Permissions

Admin and Owner Roles

Admin and Owner roles in your organization have full access to the Rollout Management feature. This means they can view and manage all aspects of your rollouts, including pausing, resuming, and releasing to all users.

Admin and Owner Roles

Admin and Owner Roles

Member and Viewer Roles

Members and viewers in your organization have limited access to the Rollout Management feature. They can view the rollout progress and gain insights into the process. However, they cannot take any actions or make changes to the rollout.

Member and Viewer Roles

Member and Viewer Roles