Reports Data

This page covers all the information that you may attach to the bug reports.

With each crash or bug report sent from your application, we send all the information needed to help you debug the problem easily and communicate with the user reporting the problem. Here, we discuss all the information that you may attach to the reports.

  1. Identify User
    This section discusses how to bind each report to the identity of the user reporting the problem. You have the flexibility to add some extra attributes about the device as well as the user.
  2. Logging
    Instead of having to reproduce the crash or bug on your device to check the logs, we automatically attach the console logs, the verbose logs, all the steps done by the user until the report was sent, the user events as well as the network logs.
  3. Auto Screen Recording (Beta)
    Send a recording of up to 30 seconds of the user's screen automatically with each bug report to see where the bug was encountered.
  4. View Hierarchy
    In case of UI bugs, you will find the view hierarchy of the screen content sent with each bug report.
  5. Attachments
    The SDK gives you the freedom to send different types of attachments with each bug report. You can add a screenshot from the app with the user's annotation, extra image from the gallery, audio recording, screen recording or an extra file that you create and attach yourself.
  6. Tags
    Last, to be able to categorize the reports on the dashboard and filter them you can add some relevant tags to the reports.
  7. Session Profiler
    Last, the session profiler shows the state of the device up to a minute prior to a report being sent, which can assist with the bug fixing process.