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Extended Bug Report for Xamarin

This section covers how to use the APIs to collect additional details sent by beta testers and users on your Xamarin apps.

What is an Extended Bug Report?

Sometimes additional details are required when it comes to bug reports sent by users, whether by your QA team, beta testers, or users. An easy way to collect additional data would be to use the APIs documented in this page.


The additional fields added by this mode are steps to reproduce, actual results, and expected results.


Setting the Extended Bug Report Mode

By default, the extended bug report mode is disabled. You can set whether the extended bug report mode should be disabled, enabled with required fields or enabled with optional fields.

IBGBugReporting.ExtendedBugReportMode = IBGExtendedBugReportMode.EnabledWithOptionalFields;

Here are the possible modes you can set the extended bug reports to:

//Disable extended bug report mode
//Enable extended bug report mode and make all additional fields required 
//Enable extended bug report mode and make all additional fields optional

What’s Next

Learn how to onboard your beta testers so they can give you the best feedback possible.