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Managing Notifications

Detailed in this page is how you can set up push notifications as well as managing in-app notifications for new in-app chat messages.

In-App Notifications

By default, a notification will be shown on top of your app's UI when a new message is received.

Disabling Conversation Sounds

You can set whether new messages received will trigger a small sound notification or not.

//Not supported on iOS

new Instabug.Builder(this, "ANDROID_APP_TOKEN")

Disabling In-App Notifications

You can disable the in-app notifications using the following method.

Instabug.ReplyNotificationsEnabled = false;


What's Next

Learn to identify your users so that the push notifications always go to the correct user. Also check out how to communicate with your users by chatting with them through different pages.

User Identification/Data
User Conversations