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Crash Reporting Event Handlers for iOS

Covered here is how to set up the event handlers that fire before every crash report is sent so that a specific block of code is executed in your iOS app.

Before Sending a Report

This block is executed in the background before sending each report. You can use it to attach logs and extra data to reports.

Instabug.willSendReportHandler = { report in
    report.logVerbose("Verbose log.")
    report.append(toConsoleLogs: "Console log statement.")
    report.setUserAttribute("value", withKey: "key")
    report.addFileAttachment(with: data)
    return report
Instabug.willSendReportHandler = ^IBGReport * _Nonnull(IBGReport * _Nonnull report) {
    [report appendTag:@"tag1"];
    [report logVerbose:@"Verbose log."];
    [report appendToConsoleLogs:@"Console log statement"];
    [report setUserAttribute:@"value" withKey:@"key"];

    return report;

What’s Next

You can also set custom data, such as user attributes, inside event handlers. Logging user events in event handlers is possible as well.