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Alerting for App Stability - Crash Free Sessions

You can now get alerted on the Crash Free Sessions of the app to monitor the stability of the app.

Set a threshold and get alerted whenever the application’s Crash Free Sessions rate drops below the specified threshold.

Go to the Alerts and Rules page.

Alerts and Rules page

Alerts and Rules page

Create a new Rule

Metric for the overall app

Select "Overall App" to setup the rule


For the Trigger, select "Crash-free sessions in the last 24 hours"

Select the Threshold for crash-free sessions, any drop below this point, an alert will be triggered

Breakout by app version

This is an optional way to get alerted, by toggling the "Send an alert for every app" you will get alerted for every app version that has its crash-free sessions rate drop below the threshold.


You have 2 conditions you can choose from:

App version

You can select "Top Releases" or "Latest Releases", or specify app versions


Controlling the noise if you have many app versions

It is recommended to specify intended App Versions to be alerted about when checking "Send an alert for every app version", otherwise if you have many app versions released, it might get too noisy.

Session count

You can specify "Greater than" or "Less than" to specify a number of sessions to be able to reduce the noise

Forward Alert

Then you can set the option to forward the alert to your favorite integrated tool.