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Reply to Bug Reporters

This page explains how you can reply to each individual bug report as well as some of the iconography seen in the bug reports list.

Reply to User

Let's say a user reported a bug, and you wanted to acknowledge the user, letting them know that a fix is on the way. You can do this by reaching out to the user directly from the bug report using the View Conversation button.

Once the chat is shown, you can start messaging your user without ever having to leave the bugs page. By default, your users will receive an in-app notification then an email if they miss the notification.

A handy way of knowing if there are any unread messages would be to check the icon next to the bug in the bugs list. There are 4 different representations for the chat related to a bug.

  • No icon: there is no chat ongoing with the customer
  • Grey with arrow: you have replied to this user (you sent the last message in the chat)
  • Blue icon with red dot: you have a new unread message from the user
  • Blue icon only: you read the message but didn't reply (the user sent the last message)

What's Next

Talk to your users often? How about you enable the notifications so that they don't miss your message! You can also automatically reply to a bug report using rules.

Managing Notifications