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Crash Reporting User Consent for iOS

This page explains the usage of user consent for iOS crash reports and the needed APIs to implement it.

Suppose you want your users' confirmation before sending a crash report to Instabug. In that case, the Instabug SDK exposes a callback awaiting each user's confirmation before sending any crash/error data to Instabug.

This callback function instructs Instabug to await user confirmation before sending crash reports. It is designed to enhance end-user privacy and control by allowing them to approve or decline the submission of crash reports, ensuring a more transparent and user-centric experience.

This callback applies to fatal errors (crashes) and out-of-memory (OOM) reports, force restarts, and excludes app hangs and non-fatal errors.

If no response is received within a 2-minute window, the callback triggers a timeout mechanism, preventing the automatic crash report sending.

Example Usage

 CrashReporting.onWillSendCrashReportHandler = { crashType, completionHandler in

            let crashTypeAsString: String

            switch (crashType) {

            case .crash:

                    crashTypeAsString = "Fatal Crash"

            case .forceRestart:

                    crashTypeAsString = "User termination Crash"

            case .OOM:

                    crashTypeAsString = "OOM Crash"

            @unknown default:



            let message = "Are You Sure Want to send Crash! for crash type: \(crashTypeAsString)"

            let alert = UIAlertController(title: "Crash Consent", message: message, preferredStyle: .alert)

            let yesButton = UIAlertAction(title: "Yes", style: .default, handler: { _ in




            let noButton = UIAlertAction(title: "No", style: .default, handler: { _ in




            let rootViewController = UIApplication.shared.keyWindow?.rootViewController

            rootViewController?.present(alert, animated: true)

IBGCrashReporting.onWillSendCrashReportHandler = ^(IBGCrashType crashType, IBGCrashReportConsentReplyHandler completionHandler) {

        NSString *crashTypeAsString;

        switch (crashType) {

            case IBGCrashTypeCrash:

                crashTypeAsString = @"Fatal Crash";


            case IBGCrashTypeForceRestart:

                crashTypeAsString = @"User termination Crash";


            case IBGCrashTypeOOM:

                crashTypeAsString = @"OOM Crash";



        NSString *message = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Are You Sure Want to send Crash! for crash type: %@", crashTypeAsString];

        UIAlertController * alert = [UIAlertController

                                     alertControllerWithTitle:@"Crash Consent"



        UIAlertAction* yesButton = [UIAlertAction



                                    handler:^(UIAlertAction * action) {



        [alert addAction:yesButton];

        UIAlertAction* noButton = [UIAlertAction



                                   handler:^(UIAlertAction * action) {



        [alert addAction:noButton];

        UIViewController *rootViewController = [UIApplication.sharedApplication.keyWindow rootViewController];

        [rootViewController presentViewController:alert animated:YES completion:nil];



Minimum SDK Version

The minumum SDK version required to support user consent is v12.7.0