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In-App Chat

This page contains an overview of the content available in the In-App Chat sections of the Instabug Docs for React Native apps.

Integrating Instabug

To be able to use Instabug's In-App Chat product, you must first integrate the SDK.

Sometimes the best feedback you can get is one that comes in a conversation with users. Other times, you want to reach out to users to let them know, "Hey, this bug is fixed and you should update your app!" You can also reach out to that one user who gave you a negative review in an NPS survey, figure out what the issue is for them, and convert them into a promoter.

All of this can be done using Instabug's In-App Chat, which is automatically set up when you integrate the SDK. In this section, we will discuss all the features and APIs available. The breakdown is as follows:

1. User Conversations
This section explains how to navigate the dashboard so that you can reply to chats, bugs, crashes, and surveys. Also detailed is an explanation of the chat workflow.

2. Managing Notifications
Learn how to set up notifications and how to get a count of unread messages.

3. Event Handlers
If you wish to have any blocks of code run when a new message is received, this section details just how you can do that.

4. Disabling/Enabling In-App Chat
Is letting your users chat with you out of your scope? You can disable in-app chatting by following the instructions in this section.