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Get Started

iOS Integration

This page explains how to install Instabug's SDK into your Unity application.


You need to import the plugin from the Asset Store.

Using Instabug for Unity

Create the plugin's GameObject

  1. Create an empty game object (GameObject -> Create Empty ) and rename it (e.g. InstabugiOS ).
  2. Add the InstabugiOS.cs as a component of your new created game object.
  3. Select the game object in the Hierarchy pane and fill in some additional information inside the Inspector window.

App token

To find your application token, open your Instabug Dashboard, select an application, then open the SDK tab.

Invocation Event

You can use this parameter to specify how your users will invoke the SDK to send you a report. For more details about the invocation events, check here.

Configure build settings

You are now ready to build the Xcode project: Select File -> Build Settings... and switch to iOS in the platform section. Check Development Build and Script Debugging.

Press the Build button. You can now build and run your app.